Deathloop - Slab
A variety of powers can be obtained by defeating Julianna and the Visionaries in Deathloop Arkane Studios


  • Many aspects of the game change according to the time of day
  • Julianna can be controlled by either the AI or other players
  • Sometimes, going loud is the best option

"Deathloop," Arkane's time-traveling action-stealth game, demands more than just a penchant for sneaking or a quick trigger finger. Blackreef is full of danger, and Colt will need every advantage he can get in order to break the loop.

Keep these four tips in mind when playing "Deathloop" for the first time.

Roguelite Elements

Every time the loop resets, players will lose everything, including weapons, trinkets and powers, except for the knowledge of how, where and when to get them.

Later in the game, players will be able to collect and spend Residuum, which can be used to retain pieces of Colt's arsenal even after the loop resets, be it through death or the natural passage of time.

Lastly, keep in mind that while trinket locations are static, the trinkets themselves are randomized, so don't expect to find the same item in the same place all the time.

How to Deal With Julianna

Occasionally, Julianna will invade the player and try to stop him from breaking the loop. Her presence is always announced, and Colt will be put in a game of cat and mouse. Whoever kills the other first wins.

Deathloop - Julianna
Julianna is Deathloop's second playable character who serves as Colt's rival Arkane Studios

Julianna may be controlled by a player or an AI. The former can cause problems for players who just want to experience the story, so the best way to deal with that is to simply turn the game to single-player mode by clicking on their portrait/nametag at the menu screen in between districts.

Time of Day Matters

Time in Blackreef is divided into the morning, noon, afternoon and evening cycles. During each phase of the day, enemy placements will change, and ordained events will happen.

For example, the Library in Updaam is full of weapons in the early hours of the morning, but the Eternalists waiting outside will always raid it after a few minutes have passed. Colt can take these weapons for himself as long as he can get in and grab them before the Eternalists do.

There are plenty of clues laying about in Blackreef regarding what event happens at what time. Be sure to take note of them.

Don't Be Afraid to Fight

Unlike "Dishonored," "Deathloop" is more lenient when it comes to direct confrontations against the AI. Stealth is good for avoiding attention, but going in guns blazing isn't a bad idea for most situations either. Just be sure to come stocked with ammo and explosives.

Deathloop - shotgun
Deathloop features an arsenal of retro-style weapons for players to use Arkane Studios