Outward - City
Outward features several distinct zones with their own unique themes Nine Dots Studio


  • Combat focuses on timing, dodging and counterattacking
  • Avoid fighting large enemies without good equipment
  • Consume food, apply buffs and use abilities before starting a fight

Every hostile encounter in "Outward" can lead to disaster if players aren't prepared to handle whatever the world throws at them.

Combat in "Outward" is simple on paper, but the lethality of every fight can often lead to unfavorable outcomes for the player. Here are a few tips on how to win more fights without taking too much damage or spending too many resources.

Focus on Counterattacks

In most cases, grabbing the initiative in a fight only leads to the player taking more damage than necessary. Most attacks will not stagger mid-animation enemies, which often leads to damage trading, which should be avoided.

Instead of hitting first, players should focus on attacking while enemies are recovering from their animations, at least until they are able to overwhelm targets with sheer force or speed.

Know the Weapons

Each weapon has a unique moveset that reflects how they're supposed to be used in battle. Swords and axes are quick to slash, great maces are strong but cumbersome and halberds feature a mix of swinging and thrusting.

For beginners, spears and halberds are highly recommended because of their range. They allow players to safely chip away at an enemy from a relatively safe distance while maintaining the maneuverability of a melee weapon.

Outward - Fang Claymore
Fang weapons can be crafted from ordinary iron equipment Outward

Impact and Knockdowns

The white bar under an enemy's HP bar represents the amount of Impact damage they can take before getting knocked down. Blunt or heavy hits deal significant damage to this bar, and once it gets depleted, enemies are thrown backward and dazed for a brief moment.

Capitalize on this mechanic to land free hits on enemies. Maces and halberds are excellent weapons for this tactic.

Start Fights with Bows

Always have a bow at the ready, even if it is just for luring targets or chunking down their health before engaging in melee.

Use and Purchase Skills

Proper skill usage can spell the difference between victory and defeat. They not only offer buffs or do more damage than normal, but they also have different moves and animations that can be advantageous in a fight.

Skills can be bought from trainers in each of the major towns.

Outward - Town Map
NPC locations can be found by opening the world map when in towns Outward