Outward -
Outward's stamina-based combat system is complemented by a set of weapon skills and magical spells


  • There is one Legacy Chest hidden in each region
  • Each chest can hold only one item at a time
  • Upgraded items can be claimed only by new characters

Some weapons and armor in "Outward" are already good as they are, but they can be made even better using an unconventional upgrade method.

Certain gear pieces can be turned into superior versions of themselves by placing them inside Legacy Chests. Doing this will essentially upgrade the placed items, but there is a catch. Here's how to do it.

Legacy Chest Locations

There is a total of four Legacy Chests hidden in the world, one in each region. Take note that these chests are difficult to reach, often requiring players to solve a puzzle, beat some tough enemies, or both.

  • Cierzo – Inside Cierzo Storage; requires Cierzo Town Key from completing the Vendavel Fortress quest or by joining the Blue Chamber Collective
  • Abrassar Desert – inside The Slide; players must interact with levers in the room with the bandits and the room with the Shell Horror
  • Enmerkar Forest – Inside the Vigil Pylon; defeat the enemies and solve the puzzle to access the chest
  • Hallowed Marsh – In the Spire of Light's basement area; accessed by using levers behind the blue barrier

The Cierzo Storage chest can still be accessed even if players fail to finish the Vendavel Fortress quest before leaving Chersonese.

Outward - Chersonese Legacy Chest
The Legacy Chest in Chersonese is found inside the Cierzo Storage, behind a large, locked door Outward

Claiming Legacy Gear

To use Legacy items, players must create an entirely new character.

At the character creation screen, there will be an empty box marked with Legacy. Click on it to see four item slots representing each of the Legacy Chests. With that said, players can only store one item per chest, making unlocking all of them a very attractive goal.

Once the new character is created, players need to visit and unlock the Legacy Chests again to claim the items. Take note that after the creation of a new character, the original character can claim the stowed item again without impacting the new save file.

Upgrading items to their Legacy versions will give them minor changes to their visuals and stats. Sometimes, items also receive extra effects. The Cleaver Halberd, for example, becomes the Sanguine Cleaver when stowed. This version deals more damage, and it can inflict the Extreme Bleeding status effect after hitting enemies enough times.

Outward - Blue Sand Armor
The Blue Sand Armor is one of the best options available early in the game Outward