Derrick Rose falls awkwardly after tearing his ACL against Philadelphia.
Derrick Rose falls awkwardly after tearing his ACL against Philadelphia. REUTERS

If Derrick Rose wants to make an impact on the Chicago Bulls 2012-2013 NBA season, it will have to come in the playoffs.

There is still no timetable set for the point guard’s return and it seems almost certain he won’t play a regular season game. The Bulls have just two games remaining before the start of the postseason on Saturday.

Even in the playoffs, the chances of Rose playing don’t seem very strong. He’s been medically cleared to play for weeks, but has yet to step on the court in a game.

According to head coach Tom Thibodeau, the club had hoped to get their star back sooner.

"They were just being forthright," Thibodeau told the Chicago Tribune in regards to the Bulls, who kept the possibility of Rose coming back open. "That's what everyone thought. We didn't know, and we still don't know. We were just being honest.”

The initial recovery time for Rose was set at eight to 12 months. He was injured almost exactly a year ago in the Bulls layoff series with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Many fans have been frustrated with Rose’s slow recovery time. Iman Shumpert also tore his ACL in last year’s playoffs. He returned to the court in January and will play for the New York Knicks in the postseason.

Still, Thibodeau doesn’t think anyone should be that surprised.

"Look, this was not unexpected. A player like Derrick, there's going to be a lot of attention on and rightfully so," the head coach continued. "This guy has done an incredible job with his career, with this franchise, and we understand how important it is. … We knew (missing the season) would be a possibility all along."