Destiny 2 - Striker Titans
The Striker subclass for Titans in Destiny 2 Bungie


  • Titan Flashbangs blind enemies twice with the Touch of Thunder aspect
  • Certain fragments also cause blinding explosions upon defeating enemies
  • Spark of Brilliance is locked until the first King's Fall raid clear

The Arc 3.0 update unlocked all of the grenades for every class in "Destiny 2," but no one can use them quite like how Titans can.

Thanks to one of the class' new aspects, Titans can take full advantage of Arc grenades in a similar way to how Solar Warlocks use Solar grenades. So far, the community hasn't discovered any build that is as powerful as Starfire Warlock, but Strikers have their own flavor of chaos to offer using empowered flashbangs.

Recommended Exotics

This build will focus on grenade spam and the frequent use of Flashbangs to keep groups of enemies stunned. As such, the most recommended Exotic for this setup is Heart of Inmost Light, which empowers abilities and increases their recharge rates.

Alternatively, Peregrine Greaves can be used in high-level content to instantly defeat priority targets like elites or champions with a well-placed flying knee strike and finisher combo.

Destiny 2 - HotL
The Heart of Inmost Light exotic chestpiece in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

The Loadout

The meat of this build comes from the aspects, mods and fragments in the actual gear setup.

Touch of Thunder is the core aspect for this build because it lets Flashbangs deal an extra blinding flash on its first bounce, which essentially knocks targets out of the fight earlier and for longer. Next, equip Knockout for extra melee damage and its synergy with Melee Wellmaker.

For mods, use the following to maximize energy regeneration and damage output:

  • Bountiful Wells
  • 2x Melee Wellmaker
  • Elemental Charge
  • High-Energy Fire
  • Impact Induction

Every kill while Knockout is active will cause three Arc Wells to spawn, which will feed energy back to every ability.

As for fragments, try the following:

  • Spark of Brilliance
  • Spark of Beacons
  • Spark of Volts
  • Spark of Shock

This setup will make Flashbangs cause targets to become both Blinded and Jolted, greatly increasing the grenade's crowd control and AoE damage potential.

Spark of Brilliance will be unlocked once King's Fall has been cleared.

For abilities, Seismic Strike is highly recommended for the additional source of Blind. However, it can be swapped for either Ballistic Slam or Thunderclap based on player preference. Both are great for delivering Arc damage over a wide area, which should compensate for Flashbang's innate lack of AoE damage.

Destiny 2 - Thunderclap 2
The Thunderclap ability in Destiny 2's updated Arc 3.0 class screen Destiny 2