Destiny 2 - Striker Titans
The Striker subclass for Titans in Destiny 2 Bungie


  • The Thunderous Retort mod amplifies the damage of Arc Supers
  • Thundercrash remains a powerful option for boss damage in PvE
  • Cuirass of the Falling Star is mandatory for PvE Thundercrash builds

Thundercrash is one of the most respected PvE Supers in "Destiny 2" for its ability to deal tons of damage instantly. With the arrival of "Season of Plunder" and its seasonal artifact, this Super will have even more use when clearing difficult content.

With the new seasonal artifact mods and the update to Arc 3.0, Thundercrash is set to dominate once again thanks to several buffs that can be stacked on top of each other.

Recommended Exotics

As a max damage Thundercrash build, Cuirass of the Falling Star will be be mandatory. This chest piece greatly increases the Super's impact damage and grants an Overshield while the Titan is flying. The latter isn't too important, but it is a nice bonus to have.

There isn't much room for flexibility here as far as armor choices go, but it does have room for Exotic weapons like Coldheart, Riskrunner, or any hard-hitting gun for PvE.

Destiny 2 - Falling Star
The Cuirass of the Falling Star exotic chestpiece Destiny 2

Aspects, Mods and Fragments

The core aspect of this build is Touch of Thunder, which buffs several Arc grenades when equipped. Pair it with Flashbang Grenade for crowd control, Pulse Grenade for ability regeneration, or Storm Grenade for mob clear. Equip Knockout on the second aspect slot, but feel free to use Juggernaut if needed.

Touch of Thunder feeds nicely with a grenade build like the following:

  • Ashes to Assets
  • Bountiful Wells
  • Impact Induction
  • Melee Wellmaker
  • Elemental Ordnance

Cap the mod setup with the seasonal mod Thunderous Retort, which increases Arc Super damage when the user is Amplified or critically wounded.

As for fragments, use the following:

  • Spark of Shock
  • Spark of Recharge
  • Spark of Magnitude
  • Spark of Volts

Spark of Volts allows for very easy Amplify activation for boss encounters with plenty of nearby trash mobs. Meanwhile, Shock will increase the add-clearing potential of all grenades by inflicting them with Jolt.

Spark of Magnitude can be replaced with Ions when the latter is unlocked for the community. This will cause Jolted enemy kills to spawn Ionic Traces, allowing even more grenade spam that feeds energy directly to Thundercrash.

Destiny 2 - Striker Screen
The Striker Titan's updated Arc 3.0 subclass screen in Destiny 2 Destiny 2