Destiny 2 Veist Armor
Three sets of Veist-like armor for Destiny 2 Bungie


  • All standard armor mods are now unlocked by default
  • Mods from raids must still be unlocked through gameplay
  • More changes are coming in the following weeks

Every player in "Destiny 2" can now use all of the standard armor mods in the game without having to buy them from vendors following a small hotfix that introduced some major changes.

Hotfix came as a surprise, with many fans not expecting any significant patches to arrive so early in the year. A day prior to the update going live, Bungie tweeted a string of messages that outlined its plans for the weeks leading up to "Lightfall's" release on Feb. 28.

According to the game developers, the change they made to how armor mods are unlocked goes in line with a broader set of buildcrafting changes that are coming upon the release of the expansion. There could be some major buffs, nerfs or reworks next month, as suggested by Bungie's language in the tweet.

Now that all armor mods are available, players will no longer have to check Ada-1's inventory daily to see if the mods they want to get are on sale. Everyone can now equip whichever mod they choose as long as they have the correct armor element equipped.

Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 Armor
The Dawning 2022 armor sets Bungie

Only standard armor mods have been unlocked. This includes all options that boost weapon stats like Targeters and Loaders as well as all Combat Style mods such as Melee Wellmaker, Surprise Attack, Argent Energy and more.

Raid-specific mods, like the ones from Deep Stone Crypt and Vault of Glass, are still locked, and players will have to venture into the raids themselves to unlock them.

Apart from this change to armor mods, Bungie will be reducing focusing costs for all PvP playlist activities to only 25 Legendary Shards per Engram in a future update. This should make getting Trials or Iron Banner god rolls much less expensive.

Additionally, the Power Level requirement and overall structure for Grandmaster Nightfalls are going to be reduced to cater to a broader range of players earlier in a season. However, Bungie intends to retain the difficulty level despite the lower Power cap.

More details regarding the future of "Destiny 2" are expected Friday when the developers release the first TWAB post of the year.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Fortress
Season 19's Iron Banner seemingly adds the Cabal as ambient enemies in the Crucible's Iron Banner event Bungie