Destiny 2 Revision Zero
Revision Zero, an exotic Pulse Rifle introduced in Destiny 2 Season 19 Bungie


  • The catalyst quest retains the same format as the previous ones
  • This week's Lost Sector is at the EDZ
  • The dead Exo is in the first boss arena

The third catalyst quest for the Revision Zero exotic Pulse Rifle has been released in "Destiny 2," and it's already making this awesome weapon even more amazing. Unlocking this catalyst will pave the way for customizable stocks and one extra perk option that'll contend with Under Pressure and Feeding Frenzy.

Just like last time, this week's quest is as simple as it gets. There's only one linear path to the catalyst, and all of the steps leading up to it are self-explanatory. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Finish a Heist
  2. Attend meeting
  3. Download Index in Operation Archimedes
  4. Patrols/Kills in the EDZ
  5. Dead drop in the Terminus East Lost Sector
  6. Operation Seraph Shield on Legend Difficulty

The Terminus East Lost Sector is located right next to Devrim Kay's base in the EDZ's church. Look for the partially closed gate in one of the buildings that leads to the subway station and make a beeline straight for the Lost Sector mini-boss. The dead drop is located to the right of the chest, by the metal bars.

Destiny 2 Revision Zero Catalyst 3 DD
The dead drop inside the Terminus East Lost Sector Destiny 2

After this, load out of the EDZ and head straight to Operation: Seraph Shield (Legend difficulty) at the H.E.L.M. Continue through the mission as per usual, but upon reaching the first boss area, don't shoot the big stack of barrels. Instead, turn right first then interact with the dead Exo in the adjacent room.

Once that's done, finish Seraph Shield to claim the catalyst.

Not only does the third Revision Zero catalyst give the gun a generous bump to its base stats, but it also unlocks a selection of stats that lets players invest even more stat points into the areas they deem necessary.

The main draw of this catalyst, however, is the Outlaw refit. Equipping this will grant Revision Zero a massive reload speed buff upon scoring a critical kill. Players can maximize the value of this perk by using it in tandem with Revision Zero's sniper mode, as switching to it means giving up all of the normal rounds in the gun's magazine.

This is the final unlockable catalyst for the Revision Zero. However, there's still one more perk to be unlocked. The four-Timer Refit will become available next week during the finale of "Season of the Seraph."

Destiny 2 Revision Zero Exo 3
The dead Exo right before the first boss in Operation Seraph Shield Destiny 2