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  • Players who leave Control games early will be temporarily blocked from matchmaking
  • Fans argue that the new quitter penalty does not solve any of the Crucible's problems
  • Bungie attributed quitting as a result of laggy connections and bad team balancing 

In an attempt to combat the rising number of quitters per game of Control in "Destiny 2's" PvP mode, Bungie decided to implement a temporary matchmaking ban on anyone who leaves a match prematurely.

However, this has caused PvP fans to lash out at what seemed like another band-aid solution to the glaring problems present in the Crucible. Players took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the developers' decision, causing discussion among the fanbase to brew over social media channels.

Content creator True Vanguard uploaded a video that rationally explored the issues surrounding the Crucible.

As of the Sept. 13 reset for "Destiny 2," players who leave a Quick Play Control match immediately get hit with a 30-minute ban from queuing up for any competitive game modes. Ironically, this includes Control, which supposedly belongs in the game's pool of casual PvP modes.

Dedicated PvP players called this out as an unnecessary move that further alienated the Control playlist from the casual crowd, and many others across social media platforms agreed that the addition of a quitter penalty failed to address problems causing players to quit in the first place.

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The newly-updated Arcstrider subclass in Season of Plunder Bungie

Poor team balancing, laggy connections and bad maps all contribute to the reasons why people quit games. Bungie acknowledged them in the latest TWAB. However, they disagreed with player sentiments regarding quitters and map selection.

"Aside from one map, we don't see any predictable difference in quit rate between maps," Bungie stated. They did not mention what this "one map" is, but both Disjunction and Cathedral of Dusk have been moved one tier below the map weight priority among all Crucible maps.

Map weight refers to the likelihood of a Crucible match being set in a specific map. Before the Sept. 15 hotfix, Cathedral of Dusk and Disjunction got prioritized more than the rest of the maps. This is no longer the case for the remainder of the season.

For better or worse, the situation regarding quitters in the Crucible is expected to normalize in the following weeks.

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Season of Plunder is heavily inspired by pirates Bungie