Destiny 2 Iron Companion armor sets
The Iron Companion armor sets for Destiny 2 Bungie


  • Iron Banner reputation is earned by completing matches
  • More reputation can be earned by wearing Iron Banner gear
  • Weapons can be focused on Lord Saladin's vendor menu

The first Iron Banner of Season 19 is in full swing, and there are quite a few new offerings for players to farm. Both PvE and PvP crowds have something to gain from this Crucible event, whether it's in the form of a strong, new gun or that rustic armor set for endgame fashion purposes.

Reputation gain in the Iron Banner is a lot slower than in the normal Crucible playlist. Players are expected to spend a lot of time and patience to get the gear they want. However, there is a way to accelerate this process significantly.

How To Get More Iron Banner Reputation Points

Players will be able to get points just by completing matches. Wins result in more points, so try to work with the team and secure those capture zones.

At base, rep gain for the Iron Banner mode is minuscule. However, this can be multiplied by doing/completing the following:

Weekly Challenges

Luckily, challenges only amount to finishing Iron Banner matches with a Void or Stasis subclass equipped on any character. Meet the number of matches needed to complete a challenge to receive an account-wide reputation gain multiplier.

Completing these challenges also reward players with Pinnacle Iron Banner gear. They can only be done once per character, though.

Destiny 2 IB Armor
Wearing Iron Banner armor increases the amount of reputation gained after every match Destiny 2

Wearing Iron Banner Gear

Going into a match with event-specific items also increases the amount of reputation gained after every game. Up to five gear pieces can be worn along with an Iron Banner profile emblem.

Players don't necessarily have to wear Iron Banner armor pieces themselves. Simply using them as transmog options is enough for them to count toward the bonus. However, wearing an Iron Banner armor piece and transmoging them into another Iron Banner piece will make them count as two different items for the sake of the bonus counter.

Focusing Engrams

Event-exclusive gear has a low chance of dropping after every match. Players who want to get perfectly-rolled weapons should wait until they unlock them from Lord Saladin's reward track first, then focus engrams to get randomly-rolled versions.

This method is time-efficient but resource-intensive. Each focused weapon costs one Iron Engram, 20,000 Glimmer and 100 Legendary Shards, so spend wisely.

Destiny 2 Gunnora's Axe
Gunnora's Axe from the Season 19 Iron Banner Destiny 2