Destiny 2 Spire Armor
The Western-themed armor sets introduced with in the Spire of the Watcher dungeon Bungie


  • Each encounter has a different set of items that drop
  • Players only have one chance at getting the new exotic bow per week
  • Spire of the Watcher can be farmed repeatedly

The Spire of the Watcher's western-themed guns and armor sets are now available for everyone who owns the Season Pass or the specific dungeon key. Players can now grind for that perfect space cowboy loadout they've always wanted in "Destiny 2."

Like other dungeons, Spire of the Watcher has its own loot pool that's tied to each of its major encounters. However, each big fight only rewards players with the items that are specifically tied to its drop table.

Running the dungeon from start to finish at least once per week is worth doing for anyone who wants to get a shot at nabbing the new Hierarchy of Needs exotic bow, but for those who just want the Long Arm or class-specific cowboy sets, here are the encounters they need to be farming.

First Encounter (Ascend the Spire)

  • Armor: Helmet, Legs, Arms
  • Weapons: Long Arm (Scout), Seventh Seraph Carbine (Auto Rifle), Terminus Horizon (MG)
Destiny 2 Long Arm perks
The Long Arm comes with a variety of top-tier perks for PvE and PvP Destiny 2

Second Encounter (Akelous)

  • Armor: Chest, Arms, Class Item
  • Weapons: Terminus Horizon, Seventh Seraph Revolver (Hand Cannon)

Third Encounter (Persys)

As mentioned, the final boss fight has a chance to drop the new exotic bow. It also drops all of the loot listed above, plus the Wilderflight Void Grenade Launcher and the Liminal Vigil Stasis Sidearm.

Wilderflight features a unique frame that launches two grenades per trigger pull. The explosion damage they do is the same, though direct impacts do more damage than standard launchers. It can roll with Repulsor Brace as well as Frenzy, Adrenaline Junkie and Disruption Break.

The Liminal Vigil, on the other hand, fires in two-round bursts. It can easily contend with favorites like Drang or Peacebond, but what makes it truly unique is that it is the first Sidearm to have Desperado.

Lastly, it's worth noting that the reprised Seventh Seraph weapons that drop from this dungeon have new perks. These include Redirection and Reconstruction, two perks that were previously exclusive to weapons found in the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

The Spire of the Watcher can be farmed repeatedly and at any time until the end of the season, but drops for the exotic bow only roll once a week per character.

Destiny 2 Seventh Seraph Carbine
The reprised Seventh Seraph Carbine comes with a few new perks Destiny 2