Check out gameplay footable of Wolfenstein: The New Order here. http://zmi-cdnstatic.s3.amazonaws.com/bethblog/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Capture.jpg

Earlier this month, Bethesda Softworks and Machine Games revealed that "Wolfenstein: The New Order," the next installment in the historic Nazi-killing FPS franchise, is in development.

The announcement was coupled with a trailer that revealed the game would take place in an alternate historical timeline set in the 1960s and once again put the player in the role of B.J. Blazkowicz, the same American soldier featured in the previous games. However, this time around, World War II is over, with the Nazis seizing victory and celebrating their dominance by stomping on the world with red-eyed, mechanized monstrosities, as seen below.

In the gameplay preview, Computer And Video Games reveals that "Wolfenstein: The New Order" players will be traversing through a dark world that looks akin to "Chronicles of Riddick." Players will have access to impressive weapons and be able to dual-wield machine guns, shotguns, and much more. The game has an old-school shooter vibe, forcing the player to scrounge for armor and medkits, though there will be slight health regeneration. In-game locales include occupied London.

Also, Hitler himself could make an appearance "Wolfenstein: The New Order." In the gameplay video, Andy Kelly of Computer and Video Games alluded to his conversation with the makers of "Wolfenstein: The New Order" regarding the Fuhrer's inclusion in the game.

"I did ask them 'Is Hitler in it?' and they were like 'Uhhhhhh..' ," Kelly said. We'll interpret that one as a "Yes."

Watch gameplay video of "Wolfenstein: The New Order" below, courtesy of YouTube.

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