Veteran journalist Diane Sawyer was accused of being drunk while on air on Election Night, but the ABC News anchor is taking the criticism in good stride.

Sawyer certainly made the news show more entertaining with her slurred words, and the Twitterverse didn’t miss the chance to make her “off-day” into a full-blown controversy.

A Twitter account was soon started called “DrnkDianeSawyer” where many made fun of the infamous host.

But Sawyer fired back through her Twitter account and let the masses know they didn’t get the best of her.

She wrote, “Awe for the @abc powerhouse team. Hail the techs who kept us on air … during 25 minute power outage. Read your tweets the good, bad, and the funny. See you on @abcworldnews,” letting everyone know that she was well aware of what everyone on Twitter was saying about her.

But people on Twitter aren’t the only ones who Sawyer has to worry about. Even though ABC hasn’t commented about Sawyer’s Election Night behavior, others have.

According to an article by the Associated Press, she "spoke more slowly than usual while seeming to prop herself on outstretched arms at the anchor desk."

Gawker also picked up on Sawyer’s offbeat hosting, saying she exuded some different and bizarre behavior.

"She slurred every other word, rambled about the lack of music, and asked a correspondent if the exclamation point in the Obama slogan represented the direction he truly wanted to go with his presidency. What more proof do you need?"

As far as the AP was concerned, Sawyer could barely say President Barack Obama’s name and even referred to him as President Barack at one point.

"OK," Sawyer said during her strange Election Day behavior. "I wanna — can we have our music, because this is another big one here? Minnesota, we're ready to project Minnesota, rrright now. ... Well, tonight we know that President Barack has won Minnesota," she said, slurring her words.

A source told the New York Daily News that although many assumed Sawyer was either drunk, on pills or even both, it could very well have that she was simply over-tired.

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Tom Shales praised ABC’s election coverage, saying it was the “envy” of other networks and described Sawyer as “indefatigable, if sometimes overly thrilled,” and called her energy “awe-inspiring.”