Netizens discussed if Queen Elizabeth II really demanded Prince Charles to dump Camilla Parker Bowles after Princess Diana's death.

One fan took to Quora and asked if the monarch asked the heir apparent to dump his mistress following the death of his ex-wife. The royal fans have different opinions on the matter.

According to Deanna Eppers, an ardent royal family follower, it was true that the Queen asked the Prince of Wales to dump Camilla. Following Princess Diana’s death, the public was angry toward Prince Charles’ other woman, whom Princess Diana named as Camilla.

“The Queen felt that the Monarchy could not take anymore hits on its popularity, and Charles had to give Camilla up. After all the mudslinging between Diana and Prince Charles in the lead up to their divorce, the last thing the Monarchy needed was more bad press, so Camilla had to go,” Eppers explained.

She added that the Queen banned Camilla from the palace and told Prince Charles to stop his affair. However, the future king did not listen to his mother’s advice which resulted in a tense relationship between the monarch and the heir.

Tom Bower revealed in his book “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles” that the Queen “actively disapproved” of Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship. It even came to a point when the Queen insisted that she didn’t want to meet or talk about Camilla.

Prince Charles approached his mother one night to request her to end her antagonism toward Camilla. However, the Queen who had drunk several martinis at the time lashed out and called Camilla a “wicked woman” and even said, “I want nothing to do with her.”

Meanwhile, Eileen Wood believed that it was not true that the Queen asked Prince Charles to dump Camilla because the Duchess of Cornwall has always made the Prince of Wales happy. She added that Prince Charles just had other important things to deal with following Princess Diana’s death, so he didn’t introduce the Duchess of Cornwall to the public as his girlfriend right away, but she was always there for him.

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla have been good friends over the years. On Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, the monarch recognized Camilla in her speech for the Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles and Queen Elizabeth II
Prince William, Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II watch the RAF flypast on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, as members of the Royal Family attend events to mark the centenary of the RAF on July 10, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson