There are different theories behind Princess Diana’s death.

One netizen took to Quora and asked if Queen Elizabeth II staged Princess Diana’s death. A number of royal fans responded and all of them believed that the late Princess of Wales died because of an accident and the Queen had nothing to do with it.

“No. Of course not. Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a car accident, riding in a car driven by an intoxicated person while being chased by the paparazzi, and she wasn’t wearing her seat belt,” one netizen wrote.

Gill Bullen also believed that Princess Diana was not murdered. He said that arranging a car driven by a drunken chauffeur and having them not wear their seatbelts were tricky and not reliable.

Peter Chan stressed that the Queen is a very honorable person who served the country diligently and tirelessly. He added that even if Princess Diana married Dodi [Fayed], it would not be a “mega embarrassment.” Instead, he blamed the “heartless paparazzi and irresponsible driver” for killing Princess Diana.

James Boroznoff believed that Princess Diana was not that important for Queen Elizabeth II to risk the whole monarchy just to get rid of her. He also pointed out that doing so would involve many people and it would be difficult to keep the act a secret.

Queen Elizabeth II herself suspected that Princess Diana was murdered. According to Ingrid Seward, the Queen came out of her bedroom while clutching a hot water bottle when she learned about the car crash. Her first reaction was that “someone had greased the brakes.”

Months before Princess Diana’s accident, she had been telling Paul Burrell about her suspicions of Prince Charles killing her. According to Princess Diana, her husband wanted her dead in an “automobile accident with head injuries,” so he can remarry. After nine months, Princess Diana was killed in a car crash.

“That is spooky. She predicted her own death nine months before she died,” Burrell said.

According to Tina Brown, Prince Charles fell apart when Princess Diana died. The Prince of Wales knew that it was terrible and he would be blamed for his ex-wife’s death.

Queen Mother and Princess Diana
Queen Mother detested Princess Diana for speaking about her marriage with Prince Charles to the media. Pictured: Queen Mother, Princess Diana, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Prince Charles in Buckingham Palace on Aug. 4, 1982. Getty Images/PA