Although Ray J and Whitney Houston have never confirmed being a couple, sources are questioning Ray J's motives, telling the media that the singer was using Houston to score a reality TV show. A heartbroken Ray J was seen reaching outy for Houston's casket on the day of her funeral.

Houston died on Feb. 11 in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Her funeral was held on Saturday at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J. She was 48 years old.

The Daily Beast reported that a source has said that Ray J was trying to pitch a reality TV series with him and Houston before her death.

He was just using her like many people did, to get a deal, the source reportedly told The Daily Beast.

However, Courtney Barnes, Ray J's publicist, told The Daily Beast that It was his show, and they shot footage of the two of them together that appeared in the sizzle reel, which was being used to pitch the show.

But when asked if Ray J is still looking for a reality show that will include the footage of Houston, his publicist told the Web site, I don't know.

But others said that Ray J was casually seeing Houston since her split with Bobby Brown in 2007. They had a 17 years age difference between them. Moreover, they said that Houston didn't mind that Ray J would canoodle with other women on his TV show For the Love of Ray J.

Ray was grounded in what was entertainment and what was reality, a source told the Web site. He was able to separate.

Friends told The Daily Beast that they believe Ray J and Houston loved each other.

He encouraged her to be all she could be, to be the Whitney that we loved, a source said.

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