• Kwon is believed to be in Europe right now
  • It is unclear if the South Korean authorities were able to make an arrest considering that they have Kwon's location
  • South Korea has invalidated Kwon's passport

Do Kwon is a wanted fugitive and while his whereabouts are still unknown, he recently taunted the police for a "meet up," hoping that his "hiding" issue would be over.

South Korean prosecutors are still looking for Kwon after he left Singapore sometime in September. While there are reports that the Terraform Labs CEO is currently in Europe, his exact location is still unknown.

Kwon's refusal to disclose his location for safety and personal reasons was not received well by the cryptocurrency community, his critics, and more importantly by people who lost millions because of the spectacular Terra collapse. To many, Kwon, despite his claim that he is not in hiding, is a fugitive on the run.

Kwon resurfaced on Twitter a few days ago after reports about him being in Europe circulated online. In a Twitter thread, Kwon taunted the police for a meet-up, but still did not share his exact location.

"Alright ill throw a meetup/conference soon to get over this in hiding. Cops from world over are welcome to attend," he said in a tweet. "For those of you that have been spreading falsehood on the taxpayer's dime, you are invited with VIP honors - will even pay for your plane ticket, Show up if you dare," Kwon said in another tweet.

Last week, the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) reported that Kwon's location has been partially discovered. Per the report, the crypto entrepreneur is currently in Europe.

It is "understood that [Kwon] is currently in Europe," KBS said. It noted that Kwon had moved to a third country, which is also located in Europe, via Dubai. The report further revealed that South Korean officials have already invalidated Kwon's passport.

This means the Terraform Labs' CEO cannot travel to other countries legally, which means he is considered an illegal immigrant in any country he stays or wishes to stay. It is worth noting that to this day, it is not yet clear if the South Korean authorities were able to make an arrest considering that they have the TFL CEO's location.

Terra Community AMA with Do Kwon (April 2021) 1-22 screenshot
Terra CEO, Do Kwon is hosted by long standing member of Terra Community @SebNondzee! Terra Official YouTube Account