As if Miley Cyrus needed more publicity.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer was the target of a massive and malicious prank from the bulletin site 4chan Wednesday. In a bid to get fans of the former Disney star to believe she was infected with HIV, anonymous users promoted the hashtag #CureForMiley and created false news articles in an effort to get the masses believe in the cause.

According to a report from Buzzfeed, 4chan users created a Facebook page for the cause, “cureformiley,” telling fans to "support" the 20-year-old singer. “This page is to support Miley through the hard time she must be going through with her illness,” says the page’s community biography, “confirming” that the singer contracted HIV. The page also discusses Cyrus’ recent split from her fiance, “Hunger Games” actor Liam Hemsworth, writing that the split may be causing her stress during her battle with the syndrome. “Liam and Miley, such a sad breakup and with her condition I could barely imagine what they are going through,” said one post Wednesday.

In an effort to get more fans to believe the prank, a fake CNN article with the headline “A Cure For Miley” with a Oct. 2 time stamp was also posted on the social media site. A false tweet from Hemsworth saying, “Even though we recently have endured a very public break up and been through a lot of pain, I’m praying for you Miley” has also been circulating on the page, which had more than 328 “likes” as of Wednesday afternoon.

According to text obtained by BuzzFeed, 4chan users’ goal was to “convince the masses that Miley Cyrus contracted AIDS,” telling readers they think the prank would be believable for multiple reasons. “Miley's relationship with Liam Hemsworth ended for reasons not speculated. We can make a story that he left her after he told him of her condition,” said the report, adding that Cyrus' much-derided performance at the MTV Video Music Awards could also be seen as a direct result of her diagnosis. “It can be used to explain her irrational sexuality on stage and in her music videos, she doesnt have much time to live,” the report states.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Twitter fans were still unsure of the hashtag’s validity. “Still can’t believe she has HIV,” wrote Twitter user Lord Skeletor. “Let’s all try and help #CureForMiley. She needs us more now than ever,” said user @W1LLX. “No one seems to care about #CureForMiley,” wrote user Billy Taylor, adding, “HIV is serious stuff!”

Cyrus has yet to comment on the reports.