Scars are proof that you have survived something. It may be physical, mental or emotional, but in between the wounds and healing is an aspect that you have fought and endured.

Some scars, however, don’t exactly bring back happy memories.

Abryana Heggins was viciously mauled by what authorities described as a Labrador/boxer mix at Pineville Dog Park Monday afternoon. She and her friend, Jaylin Taylor, was attacked after stepping in when the huge canine was about to tear a husky into pieces.

dog A woman was arrested after she bit a jogger who pepper-sprayed her aggressive dog at a San Francisco Bay Area park, California. In this image, a German Shepard bares its teeth during Schutzhund attack dog training at Witmer-Tyson Imports in Newark, California, Feb. 14, 2002. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Heggins said that the dog, which was owned by 55-year-old Terilyn Jackson, charged into a fenced-in area of the park and went for the husky.

“At first, he grabbed the husky by the back of its neck and then, grabbed its tail and started shaking its head aggressively,” recalled Heggins as she spoke with WSOC.

It was here that Heggins and Taylor decided to get their dogs out of the park, but the Labrador/boxer goliath had already set its eyes on them.

The dog got hold of Heggins’ arm and locked its jaw. It then dragged the victim “a few feet down the hill.”

Heggins pointed that the dog had its jaws locked on her arm for around two or three minutes before Taylor went in to help. He desperately tried to pry open the dog’s mouth and even jumped on top of the beast in an effort for it to let go.

“I just kept thinking ‘What’s happening? Why is this happening? How am I gonna get this dog off of me,’” expressed Heggins.

After responding to a 911 call about the incident, Pineville Police rushed to the scene where they found Heggins with injuries on her hands and forearms.

Taylor on the other hand sustained several bite wounds and a broken finger.

Heggins required stitches to close her wound, added the authorities.

Meanwhile, responding officers instructed Jackson to wait for CMPD Animal Care & Control. Instead of waiting, she purposely left the scene to avoid her dog from being quarantined.

Lieutenant Corey Copley said that Jackson drove out of Pineville and refused to stop despite signals from patrol cars and even attempted to “strike” a police vehicle.

WCNC added that Jackson pulled into an animal clinic about six miles away from the park. She laughed at the officers while opening her back door.

Copley said that Jackson thought that her dog “would jump out and attack the officer, but the animal remained calm."

“The dog did not exit the vehicle and was not injured,” pointed Copley.

Jackson was arrested and the dog was taken by CMPD Animal Care & Control.