The petit right wing terror and Islamic terror with extended networks have gained grounds in the Western world for few years.

As the world was concentrating on the main stream Al Qaida terror in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, the emerging domestic extremism from both immigrants and indigenous folks in prosperous societies of the west gradually sprang out.

The fatal bombing and assault in Norway stands out as a typical example of extremism rooted in the west.

"The greatest threat of large-scale attacks come from individuals and small groups of extremists who subscribe to radical Islamic or far right-wing ideologies," said Gary LaFree, director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START).

The right wings as well as the Islamists groups are the fastest-growing extremist organizations in the United States and Europe. As right wing activities are small in volume and size, the authorities are unable to identify the source and strength behind such groups.

Right wing terrorism is a kind of quixotic ideology with single activist or a few members. The past and present right wing terror seems to be an isolated attempt to grab the publicity of the media and crowd. But the aftermath is turbulent, creating unwanted panic situation.

Right wing anti-government groups grew by 60 percent in 2010 over the previous year, START reported, accelerating the overall growth of militia groups.

Islamic terror always sticks to religious roots and Right wing is dependent upon ethnic norms and values. This makes the difference between the right wing terrorism from of its Islamic counterpart.

While the Islamist extremists cherish keen religious interests or mission across the globe, the right wing terror is mainly focused on economic dignity of communities and groups. It is a kind of intolerant instinct against the quick success of the immigrant groups.

Root cause of Domestic Terror

The number of anti -immigrant groups gained in European soil following the financial stress and the unemployment among the indigenous people.

The anti-immigrant protests in London in yesteryears also sparked the interests of the right wing groups and it galvanized the mushrooming of new small anti-immigrant and right-wing groups in the kingdom.

The suspect in Oslo massacre published posts on internet focusing more about the impact of diversity on unity and appealing for an aggressive answer to pluralism that he said was destroying the spirit of the Europe as well as its culture.

The bombing of federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, in which 168 people were killed, was also executed by a right wing extremist.

The right wing never had an organized or extended network to undertake terror operations. Today, threats of Islamic terrorism as well as the threat from the domestic anti-government groups have been growing in west as a counter measure to each other.

"I have covered wars and terror attacks around the world for the last 30 years and now it has come to Norway... We've been so lucky in this part of the world. It happened every other place, but not here, and now it has happened." said Jon Magnus, chief correspondent on the foreign desk at Oslo newspaper VG.

Questioning Anders Behring Breivik, the convict behind the Oslo attack, unveiled his mission to give people a strong signal about the increasing presence of Muslim population in Norway.

"The operation was not to kill as many innocent people as but to give a signal that could not be misunderstood. As long as the Labour party keeps driving its ideological line and mass importing of Muslims then it must assume responsibility for this treason," said Breivik.

The Oslo terror attack also demands the world to identify the root cause of terror, that's unemployment and financial insecurity derived from the illegal immigration and cultural penetration on indigenous thoughts.