• Mary Trump said the former president "will throw anyone under the bus to avoid accountability"
  • She suggested that Ivanka may have information about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot
  • The House Select Committee has requested Ivanka to cooperate with the investigation on the deadly insurrection

Former President Donald Trump would not hesitate to throw his family members under the bus to protect himself and avoid accountability, his niece has claimed.

Speaking to MSNBC host Alex Witt on Sunday, author and psychologist Mary Trump said her uncle only protects his daughter Ivanka only because she has insider knowledge. However, Mary suggested that Trump would throw his daughter under the bus if it was in his best interest.

"Donald isn't playing the card that she's his child to protect her. He's doing that to protect himself because he knows she may indeed have potentially damning information," Mary said.

"Donald will throw anybody under the bus if he believes it's in his best interest to do so. If he believes it'll help play out the clock, if he believes that it will help him avoid accountability, that's all he cares about," she added.

Mary also suggested that Ivanka may have incriminating information about the deadly insurrection at the Capitol that occurred on Jan. 6, 2021, and urged her to cooperate with the House Select Committee investigating the riot. At the time of the attack, Ivanka was serving as her father’s senior adviser.

“She owes the committee truthfulness about what happened that day," Mary said.

Mary’s comments come after the House Select Committee last week requested the former first daughter to voluntarily meet with the panel and cooperate in its probe. In a letter, committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said they were hoping to get her to answer questions relating to the Jan. 6 "domestic terrorist attack" and the activities that may have influenced the events that transpired on the same day.

The former president later slammed the committee for asking his daughter to sit for an interview with the panel and called the move “unfair” and a “disgrace.” He also accused the panel of going after “children” as investigators also plan to talk with Ivanka’s brother Eric, 38, and Don Jr., 44.

Mary’s comments also echo remarks made by Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen who said the business mogul will unlikely protect his children as investigations into the Trump Organization and the Capitol insurrection intensify.

Cohen even claimed that Trump once asked him to make sure that Don Jr. would go to jail instead of Ivanka if they were indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. According to him, the former president said that Ivanka would not be able to handle life in prison.

Cohen said Trump made the request when his children came close to being indicted in 2012 on federal fraud charges for misleading investors and buyers about how well the Trump SoHo hotels were selling.

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner had many senior roles in the White House
Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner had many senior roles in the White House AFP / Ahmad GHARABLI