The one and only Dr. Oz wants to save your sorry behind. On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, the famous medical expert revealed secrets that would help people lose weight and also shape their butts.

It's the one thing that follows you around wherever you go, says Oz in the beginning of the show. You can't shake it. It weighs you down, and it haunts you inside of every dressing room.

It's your butt, he says.

The camera pans out and there are more than a dozen women with no pants on standing so that their butts are facing the camera. Each woman sports what Oz would consider a big butt.

These bold ladies are all going to face their REAR-ality, says Oz. And so are you because today I'm giving you everything you need to conquer your bulging behind.

My revolutionary four-step plan to bust your fat butt, but first it's time to get real about our rears, he says

Oz segues into a brief overview of growing obesity in America. He says that women, on average, women are 24-pounds more than they were 50 years ago. He also says that seats are getting bigger everywhere including movie theater seats, car seats and even couches.

The Dr. Oz butt-busting weight loss program is detailed on his official website.

In essence, it's only four steps.

The first step of the program is called The Derriere Diet. It's as simple as eating more carbs. He says because your butt is prone to storing fat, it's better to eat complex carbohydrates in foods such as whole grains an pastas.

The second step is called Take a Booty Buster. He suggests taking Kudzu root supplements, which is an ancient remedy that contains phytoestrogens that help regulate things that contribute to butt fat such as estrogen and blood sugar levels.

Step three is called Eat a Butt-Busting Brownie. The brownie is filled with healthy ingredients and will boost metabolism. The butt-busting brownie recipe is available on the Dr. Oz website.

Step four is simple: Kick Butt. The final component is essentially to use the right exercises 7 days a week. Each should target the hard to reach muscles in your butt. Dr. Oz suggests a butt-busting workout on hs website.

For a video of the Bust Your Butt Fat episode, click here.