The release date for Drake’s upcoming project “More Life” has yet to be revealed but we now know why the “One Dance” rapper is calling it a playlist instead of an album.

Speaking with Billboard, producer and Drake collaborator Nineteen85 said Drizzy is calling “More Life” a playlist because of the way people are involved with the project. “‘More Life’ is interesting because this is [Drake] right on the peak of his biggest project yet [with ‘Views’], doing his biggest tour and still having so many good ideas that he just wants to put out without making it a big ordeal.”

Based on the producer’s comments, it appears that “More Life” will feature a number of artists on the tracklist. “That’s why he’s trying to call it a playlist because he has a bunch of people in a space, hanging out…. He’s so aware of what everybody else is doing musically that he likes to introduce new music and new artists to the rest of the world.”

While we don’t know the exact date “More Life” will release, Drake’s manager, Oliver El-Khatib, did say the project would come out in early 2017. “Stay tuned for some updates,” El-Khatib said during an episode of OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1.

Announced in October, Drake told fans we was done with mixtapes and wanted to create a playlist. “I’m off like mixtapes, I want to do a playlist. I want to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life.”

Like Nineteen85 said, Drake also said listeners could expect to hear songs from members of the OVO Sound label. “All original music from me. You might hear some tunes from the [OVO] family on there. Just really excited. I had a great tour, I had a great summer. And most people would like go probably take a break, but for me I just want to get right back at it. Be with the people again. … I just want to celebrate life. More life. That’s what we live by. That’s something we not take for granted.”