Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke was arrested after assaulting a police officer and a bride. North Olmsted Police

It's supposed to be the happiest day for a bride and groom, but that wasn't the case for an Ohio couple. On Saturday one of their wedding guests wound up in jail for assault and intoxicated disorderly conduct.

Brooke Burke, believed to be the bride's sister-in-law by ABC News, began her spiral to jail by refusing to stop slow dancing with the groom. The bride, Margaret Burke, had asked Brooke to stop slow dancing with the groom. Margaret told police that Brooke became upset at the request and proceeded to yell at her and attempt to hit her.

The drunk woman tried leaving the wedding reception when officer Dan Kuack overheard her yelling and screaming at two unknown males at around 10:35 p.m. Kuack had been working off-duty, reported the Morning Journal. According to the police report the men Brooke was screaming at had taken her keys away to prevent the intoxicated woman from driving. Kuack then brought her inside to wait for a cab, but the trouble started up again. Brooke once again began yelling at the bride, and was restrained by a guest, reports the Morning Journal.

At one point Brooke assaulted Kuack, said the police report. Brooke proceeded to fall to the ground kicking and screaming and being belligerent. The police report continued that when the officer tried to restrain her the drunk woman struck him in the face several times. The officer then pushed her onto a table and radioed for help, stated the police report.

Besides dancing inappropriately with a newly married man and assaulting a police officer and bride, Brooke Burke also reportedly pushed a pregnant woman in the hall. The bride declined to fill out a statement to police, but numerous guests gave their statements to police.

Brooke Burke was released to a sober party after being booked and processed. She has a court date scheduled for April 10.