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Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties Expansion teaser Techland


  • "Bloody Ties" is "Dying Light 2's" first paid expansion
  • The DLC will not continue the events of the game's ending
  • It reportedly features over 2,000 lines of dialogue

Techland will introduce a big content drop for "Dying Light 2" with a heavy focus on melee combat for its first actual story DLC.

Dubbed "Bloody Ties," the expansion will add a new gladiatorial arena right at the heart of Villedor. The short teaser trailer showed what appeared to be a Volatile's skull decorated with golden spikes while two men fight to the death in the background. In the end, the victor approached the skull and picked it up like a masked crown.

A full reveal will take place at the Gamescom Opening Night Live on Aug. 23. But some information regarding the possible things included in the DLC got leaked as early as this week.

According to the findings of a "Dying Light" dataminer named Bub, there's going to be over 2,000 lines worth of dialogue in the "Bloody Ties" DLC, as per The Gamer's report. Bub's findings also accurately predicted the gladiator theme of the upcoming DLC, making the dialogue line count leak more believable.

Dying Light 2 - Bloody Ties 2
The Bloody Ties DLC adds a gladiator-style combat arena to Dying Light 2 Techland

Additionally, the datamined information suggested the "Bloody Ties" expansion's arena could actually be set inside an opera house called Opera Astrid. The leak said players would fight against zombies, but the official trailer showed two humans engaged in a duel. It's still possible that both enemy types would be present in the arena.

Oddly enough, "Bloody Ties" would not continue the story of Aiden Caldwell. Techland developer Tymon Smektala implied in an interview with Game Informer that "Dying Light 2's" first story DLC would not be a direct follow-up to the campaign's events. Instead, it would run parallel to the main story.

"Dying Light 2" forces players to make decisions that drastically affect the conditions of Villedor and its living and non-living residents. The introduction of "Bloody Ties" delays the reveal of the base game's canonical ending. But Smektala mentioned that the team would eventually add more stories after the campaign's different possible endings.

"Bloody Ties" will launch on Aug. 23 alongside its reveal on Gamescom, and it will be the game's first piece of paid DLC.

Dying Light 2 places a heavy emphasis on melee combat
Dying Light 2 places a heavy emphasis on melee combat Techland