Observing a healthy diet, coupled with a great deal of exercise, is the best way to achieve weight loss goals. Such a diet should include foods that are high in protein. This brings to mind the question of how much of this food group should you consume?

High-Protein Foods

Foods that are high in protein include fish, lean meat, and dairy. Eating more of whole, unprocessed foods like grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits can also help a great deal.

According to Harry Smith, a nutritionist at Snap Fitness, those who aspire to lose weight fast should ensure they consume at least one fist-sized protein serving and two plants with every meal. By eating more high-protein foods, waistlines get to shrink faster.

Foods that could help you lose weight Foods that could help you lose weight Photo: stevepb - Pixabay

Smith also advises that slimmers should make sure they have lots of eggs, meat, dairy, nuts, and fish in their fridges and cupboards. Combining high-protein food with a low carb diet can also work wonders for those who want to lose weight faster.

Eating In Moderation

He also revealed that there is no need to completely cut out certain food groups when trying to slim down. This means you can still eat your favorite food while trying to lose weight. The important thing, according to Smith, is you eat many of these foods in moderation. If you have been eating a pint of ice cream in the past, perhaps you can only consume a quarter of that amount. The same thing goes for foods that are otherwise considered fattening.

In fact, in Smith’s opinion, there are no fattening foods when taken in moderation. You can still consume and drink your favorite foods and beverages, although in small amounts, while trying to lose weight.

You must also ensure that you eat lots of high-protein foods compared to other food types. It is also very important that you stay in a caloric deficit by making sure you eat less than your body could burn off.

Smith also reminds slimmers to take note of the calorie content of the food you eat as some food types contain a huge amount of calories in one single mouthful. Some biscuits, sweet treats, and cakes can contain more than 500 calories, which can cause you to have a calorie surplus instead of a deficit.