• Overwatch's 32nd hero, Echo, will make her debut on April 14th
  • Eco is a versatile AI robot capable of flying freely in any direction
  • Her "Duplicate" ultimate will enable Echo to choose and copy any opposing hero

Echo, Overwatch's versatile AI robot, is set to make its debut on April 14th and will join the game's growing hero pool.

Overwatch made the official announcement in a recent tweet and teased Echo flying around in all her glory and showing some of her abilities.

Field Level Media's Noah Waltzer, who assessed Echo's abilities last month, said that the new hero can fly freely in any direction for three seconds and can then tap on her passive – Glide – and continue to drift mid-air.

Overwatch 2 Unannounced Map
An unannounced "Overwatch 2" map was reportedly discovered by fans and they believe it is set in South East Asia instacodes/flickr

This ability makes Echo an essential hero as it makes her to “instantly go on flanks or else appear in enemy backlines.” She can then use her shotgun-like primary fire, “Tri-Shot,” to launch three pellets at three shots per second for some serious damage.

Echo's secondary fire is “Sticky Bombs.” When triggered, Echo fires six bombs that attach to the first thing that they hit. This can also be used to zone enemies and contain them.

But as far as Waltzer is concerned, Echo's ultimate is the real game-changer. “Duplicate” can make Echo choose and copy any opposing hero except another Echo.

“When Echo has Duplicate available, it becomes nearly impossible to plan around what Echo's team will do in a fight,” said Waltzer, as reported by Reuters.

Enemies will prioritize Echo when she activates “Duplicate” to prevent her from “getting value” out of her ultimate, he added.

Echo is Overwatch's 32nd hero and was teased in “Reunion,” an animated short film about Ashe and McCree's relationship, said Engadget.