A cell phone conversation which triggered a confrontation on a New York-based commuter rail line is making its way online.

Video has captured a mostly verbal confrontation between the passenger and a conductor, after an alleged incident where the passenger spoke profanities that prompted the conductor come to the scene.

The situation appears to take place aboard a Metro-North train, according to Gawker. The train service typically transports people from Manhattan to areas north of the city and back.

I was not cursing, excuse me. Do you know what schools I've been to and how well-educated I am? the woman says on the video, apparently filmed by another passenger on the train.

The conductor was asked by the woman to repeat the words she was saying.

F-bomb, the MTA worker said.

As the conductor attempts to make her way forward after indicating that she does not have the conversation with the woman any longer, the passenger raises her hand and it touches the conductor's arm.

Oh I'm sorry now I need to be kicked off, the woman says as she stands.

Don't touch me, the conductor says.

Please kick me off, the woman says, grabbing her belongings. I want my money back.

Don't put your hands on me, the conductor says as she makes her way away from the scene with another what appears to be another co-worker.The conductor apparently tells the passenger to speak with customer serivce.

Do not tell me to go to customer service, the woman says.

I'm not a crazy person. I'm a very well educated person.

The woman stands for a few moments and then turns the other way, outside the view of the camera.

See the video below: