• Tesla started accepting DOGE as a form of payment in January 2022
  • In May, Musk said SpaceX would also begin accepting DOGE as payment "soon"
  • DOGE was trading up 1.31% at $0.06095

Tesla chief executive officer and tech billionaire Elon Musk announced Wednesday that the Cyberwhistle sold by his electric vehicle company was available again — but for 1,000 DOGE (approximately $60) apiece. Interestingly, it sold out again in no time, despite its higher price.

A Twitter post announcing the restocking of the Cybertruck-inspired, limited edition Tesla Cyberwhistle quickly earned more than 33,000 likes and nearly 3,000 retweets on the social media platform.

"Blow the whistle," Musk wrote as he shared a link to the product's page.

"But you have to pay in DOGE," he added.

The Cyberwhistle was first launched in December 2021 and was originally priced at 300 DOGE (approximately $50).

DOGE is a popular dog-themed altcoin that Musk fully supports and endorses. Dogecoin is the only cryptocurrency that Tesla accepts as a form of payment for some of its merchandise since January of this year.

Right after Musk posted on Twitter, a crypto trader who goes by the name Jackson Markley on the platform reported that 50 million DOGE was traded within just a minute.

Meanwhile, some users who rushed to purchase the limited-edition Cyberwhistle complained about delays in the crypto payment processing system.

One of them noted, "In all actuality, it's silly you didn't set up a proper Doge payment processing system. Tesla isn't known for its customer service, and I wasn't given an order # or anything after I made the order. Hopefully, it works out."

Another complained that they had the same experience, noting that he "made a payment" and "can see they got it, still sitting on the wait screen."

Tesla describes the Cyberwhistle as "a premium collectible made from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish," adding that it "includes an integrated attachment feature for added versatility."

It is now out of stock on the company's site, and according to Tesla, "Cyberwhistles are final sale. Orders will begin shipping in 4-6 weeks."

Meanwhile, Musk noted in another tweet that the team is "working on making the whistle sound much louder."

Aside from Tesla, Musk said in May that his spacecraft engineering company SpaceX would soon receive Dogecoin as a form of payment.

"Tesla merch can be bought with Doge, soon SpaceX merch too," his tweet read.

As of 9:31 p.m. ET Wednesday, DOGE was trading up 1.31% at $0.06095 with a 24-hour volume of $358,291,66, based on the latest data from CoinMarketCap.

Elon Musk has complained that Twitter is too zealous in its regulation of speech
Elon Musk has complained that Twitter is too zealous in its regulation of speech POOL via AFP / Britta Pedersen