An elusive, scarf-wearing pig turned motorists' heads near Pittsburgh, and authorities have no clues as to why the fashion-forward swine decided to dress up yesterday.

The scarf-wearing pig was spotted between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. Wednesday west of Pittsburgh on Interstate 376, the Associated Press reported.

Pennsylvania State Troopers arrived on the scene and identified the scarf-wearing pig as a baby, but they were unable to catch the pig as it ran into a wooded area, the AP reported.

Why the pig was wearing a scarf remains a mystery, according to police, although authorities could confirm that the swine was in fact wearing a scarf.

The scarf-wearing pig is doubly weird when you consider that temperatures were in the upper 70s in the Pittsburgh area yesterday morning at the time of the sighting.

Seriously, though, why was the pig wearing a scarf? It's a bit hot for that isn't it? asked Twitter user Val Head.

Twitter user @shortstack81 speculated that Miss Piggy was the pig in question, although the Muppet has neither confirmed nor denied being the scarf-wearing pig.

New muppets movie being filmed? the user asked.

The Muppets, written by and starring Jason Segel, was released in 2011, and there's no word on whether a follow-up film is being made, let alone whether or not crews were in the Pittsburgh area Wednesday morning.