Actress Eva Longoria is facing backlash on social media after an interview with MSNBC when she illuded to Latina women in every state being the heroes of the 2020 presidential election. 

The former “Desperate Housewives” star gave her small ode to Black women who helped the Biden-Harris campaign by going out and voting. The Mexican-American then went on to talk very highly of Latina women by calling them the “real heroines” and saying President Trump’s policies affected them negatively.

“That spirit and perseverance that Latinas use in their daily lives, the struggle to pay their bills and the struggle to show up to their jobs... that’s the same perseverance and spirit they used to show up at the polls,” Longoria said in the interview.

After MSNBC posted the footage on social media, negative comments rolled in about the comments Longoria made with many noting vastly different exit polls statistics. As a result, her name was trending on the platform Monday morning.

In response to the backlash, the 45-year-old posted a long apology on her Twitter page, agreeing that her comments could have been perceived as her taking credit away from Black women.

“When I said that Latinas were heroines in this election, I simply meant that they turned out in greater numbers and voted more progressively than LATINO MEN,” she explained. “My wording was not clear and I deeply regret that...”

Longoria ended the apology by saying, “Nothing but love and support for Black women everywhere! You deserve a standing ovation!”

There have been both positive and negative replies to her note. 

One critic advised the actress to “do better,” writing, “It’s not 'how it was perceived’ you directly mentioned what Black women have done and went straight into 'but Latinas are the *real* heroines here’—a direct comparison steeped in antiblackness and a blatant erasure of Black latines in the process.”

Another user thanked the performer for clarifying her statements, adding, “We’ve just gone through 4 years of hell and I think some have forgotten what it means to just accept an apology.”

“Forgiven,” responded another fan. “Now let's keep fighting the good fight.”

Longoria's comments on the election results come after her months-long support of President-elect Joe Biden.

Actress Eva Longoria Actress Eva Longoria is pictured here. Photo: DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION / Handout