U.S. storms
Damage caused by a tornado is seen in a neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama, Dec. 26, 2015. Reuters/Marvin Gentry

For more than a week, severe weather has gripped whole swaths of the U.S. Over 300 tornadoes have been reported since the wave of storms started in the Midwest and South, and the Northeast had been hit with its fair share of storms as well.

The harsh weather will continue, as another wave of severe storms is forecasted to hit from Texas all the way up to New York.

Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas could be facing some of the worst of the weather.

The storms are expected to start sometime later on Wednesday, punctuated with more tornadoes and hail. Rainfall could also total up to six inches by Thursday night, leading to more flooding to areas that are still recovering from the first wave of severe storms. Residents along the Arkansas River could be in line for the worst wave of flooding from these storms.

The Northeast, meanwhile, will have plenty to contend with.

The main brunt of the weather will be heavy rain and damaging winds rolling through metropolitan areas like New York City and Washington. D.C. However, hail is still forecasted to be hitting some areas within the storm front along with a few possible tornados hitting.

Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be the last two days of severe weather for the time being. This will provide people time to recover, especially in the flooded areas of the Midwest and Southwest.