Justine Bateman
Justine Bateman was featured in a “60 Minutes Australia” episode. 60 Minutes Australia/Nine Network Australia


  • Justine Bateman promoted body positivity during her appearance on "60 Minutes Australia"
  • Bateman said her face represents who she is and she likes it
  • The "Family Ties" star said she likes looking in the mirror and seeing evidence of her growth

Justine Bateman is getting candid about why she is embracing aging and avoiding plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures of any kind.

The writer, director and producer was featured in a "60 Minutes Australia" episode about women over 50 who are welcoming growing older.

During the sit-down with journalist Amelia Adams, the 1980s glamour girl said she makes no effort to alter or hide her wrinkles and lines despite facing criticism for choosing to age naturally.

"I just don't give a s–t," Bateman said. "I think I look rad. I think my face represents who I am. I like it."

The 57-year-old actress, who is the older sister of actor Jason Bateman, admitted that she previously considered getting Botox or fillers. However, after realizing what cosmetic procedures would take away from her, she decided to go without any injections.

"I feel like I would erase, not only all my authority that I have now, but also, I like feeling that I am a different person now than I was when I was 20," she explained. "I like looking in the mirror and seeing that evidence."

Amanda Hanson, a married mom of four and clinical psychologist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, echoed the same sentiment in an interview with the New York Post, telling the outlet, "We shouldn't be afraid of aging. It's a natural process just like being born."

"Getting older is a beautiful spiritual journey," she added. "I won't dishonor the process of aging by trying to alter it with surgery or cover it up with makeup."

Bateman's views on aging received praise from social media users. Many were impressed by how she embraced the natural process.

"Bravo! My mother never had the opportunity to grow old, I relish every gray hair, every wrinkle as proof of aging gracefully. I'm almost 69 and grateful I'm lucky enough to grow old. Women need more role models like you and less of the distorted faces we see on celebrities now," one Twitter user commented.

"You do look rad! [I] applaud and love everything you said, and it's clear it comes from someone who is grounded, secure [and] confident in who they have grown to be and who they will continue to grow to become. Thank you and [red heart emoji]," another wrote.

"As a father to daughters, I love and support this. Justine, I loved you on 'Family Ties' and I love you now. [This is] an inspiring message that I hope all girls hear to stop the cycle of not being authentic. We all get old, people, embrace it!" a third person tweeted.

Bateman rose to fame in the sitcom "Family Ties" in 1982. She hosted an episode of "Saturday Night Live" Season 13 in 1988.

She also appeared in "Men Behaving Badly," "Arrested Development," "Men in Trees," "Still Standing" and "Desperate Housewives."

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