Stun Gun
Representation. REUTERS

Authorities announced an ongoing investigation today to determine how a stun gun disguised as a mobile phone bypassed security on a flight from Boston to Newark, N.J. on Friday.

Though there appears to be no evidence the weapon was a part of an attack plan, a striker 1800 stun gun made it through Boston's Logan Airport undetected and into the seatback pocket of the aircraft en route to Newark Liberty International Airport.

Reports say that the cleaning crew found a suspicious object in a seatback pocket that appeared to be a cell phone 10 minutes after the 96 passengers exited JetBlue flight 1179 to Newark. The stun gun was handed to Port Authority police, according to The Associated Press.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) immediately began investigation of the aircraft and will not confirm or deny the presence of an air marshal on the flight, though marshals do not carry stun guns. The next flight was delayed for thirty minutes until a K-9 unit and task force surveyed the area.

The Department of Homeland Security has taken over the case, using the Joint Terrorism Task Force led by the FBI to identify anyone who was near the seatback pocket

The person who sat in the seat where the stun gun was found has been identified but could not be directly linked to owning the stun gun. Authorities are in the process of identifying all others who were near the seat where the self-defense weapon was found.