A Twitter account using the handle "FifNdhs" claimed to "prove FIFA is corrupt" by tweeting out results to the World Cup final. Reuters

The “FIFA Corruption” Twitter account that claimed to prove that the outcome of Sunday’s World Cup final was fixed is a fake, screenshots show.

Several hours before Sunday’s match between Argentina and Germany, a Twitter account using the handle “FifNdhs” tweeted out predictions for the manner in which the match would unfold. By late Sunday, five tweets remained on the account, four of which accurately stated that Germany would win the match 1-0 on a Mario Götze goal in the second half of extra time.

As the tweets circulated, tens of thousands of soccer fans looked to them as proof that FIFA -- an organization that routinely faces allegations of match-fixing and corruption -- had manipulated the outcome of the Argentina-Germany match. The “FifNdhs” gained more than 45,000 Twitter followers, while each of its five tweets garnered thousands of retweets.

Screenshots of the account’s activity indicate its predictions were fake; the person behind the account simply tweeted out countless scenarios that might occur during the match and deleted the ones that proved to be wrong. Thus, the remaining tweets bore a timestamp that made it appear that the account had prophesied Germany’s victory.

At press time, the “FIFA Corruption” Twitter account was still active; all five of its remaining posts can be viewed below.

[h/t Deadspin]