Fifty Shades of Grey, the spicy S&M romance novel penned by E.L. James, proved to be too hot for some bookshelves in Florida. But, just one month after the book was banned, officials have announced the erotic best-seller will be put back in circulation.

Chuck Nelson, chairman of the Brevard County Commission, said Friday that County Manager Howard Tipton and Assistant County Manager Stockton Whitten, who oversees library operations, that Fifty Shades of Grey will be available to library patrons soon.

Given where we are today, making Fifty Shades of Grey available to Florida library patrons would be a reasonable approach, Nelson told USA Today.

I never want to be in a position where we appear to be censoring or banning books.

Why was the mommy porn novel about bondage and wild sex banned in the county to begin with?

It all started when Cathy Schweinsberg, Brevard's library services director, pulled Fifty Shades of Grey off the shelves after reading the book. She said that the library erred in our selection process and are correcting the error, and, thus, it is not censorship. A total of 19 copies were removed and labeled pornographic.

The removal of the book from Florida shelves was following by online petitions and outcries from the American Civil Liberties Union.

But now, the library is backing down from the ban.

We have always stood against censorship, Schweinsberg said in a statement, according to The Wrap. We have a long history of standing against censorship and that continues to be a priority for this library system.

Earlier this month, the Huffington Post reported that Fifty Shades of Grey had been banned in libraries in three states, including Florida, Wisconsin and Georgia.

When a book is removed from the shelf, folks who can't afford a Nook or a Kindle, the book is no longer available to them, Deborah Caldwell Stone, the deputy director of the American Library Association's office for intellectual freedom, told the Huffington Post.

The novel has been on The New York Times' Best-Sellers List for 12 weeks now. It is set to be turned into a film, though the starring actor and actress are still unknown.