• Being sedentary during the lockdown can be harmful to health, especially for the elderly
  • Experts provided suggestions on how older people can stay fit even at home
  • These tasks can be incorporated during times when one is most sedentary 

Many people today are getting worried about their health and fitness, especially those who are older, or those who have friends and family who are not in their youth anymore. Thankfully, fitness experts are ready to offer sound advice to this group.

A professor of geriatrics and health, Dr. Louise Aronson from the University of California, along with other experts, provided some recommendations on the types of activities that older people can do while they are staying in their homes. The activities they suggest can be done in their homes, apartments, or in the living room. Their advice emphasizes that regardless of age, people can do something to stay fit, using whatever equipment is available to them at a precise moment.

Aerobic Conditioning at Home

The primary suggestion provided by experts was to focus on aerobic conditioning. Simply put, walking is still the best form of exercise. However, since many may not have the means to undertake formal walks, experts suggest that movement will be incorporated into activities deemed most sedentary throughout the day.

One example is when you are taking a call from your mobile phone, instead of merely sitting down, it would be best to walk around the room or up and down the hallway. Another instance is when you are watching television, try to get up during a commercial break. Strolling from one room to another can greatly help.

As per Dr. Aronson, if you have stairs at home and you can manage, you can try to climb a flight or two as this can be an effective aerobic workout. It also helps in strengthening your legs. Just remember to hold tight to the banister.

For older people, the doctor suggested walking from room to room. Going up and down a corridor three times a day will be ideal. Dr. Aronson said that even if an activity is only for two to three minutes, these mini activities will all add up.

Doable Muscle Workouts older and stuck at home fitness exercises you can do older and stuck at home fitness exercises you can do Photo: ZOE-Animation-Studio - Pixabay

Aside from keeping your heart and lungs healthy through aerobic exercises, low-tech muscle workouts could be included too. Intermittent resistance training can help retain muscle strength, as well as muscle mass during the quarantine.

According to the chief of Sports medicine at New York City’s Mount Sinai Health Center, Dr. James Gladstone, you can try a wall squat as this requires little equipment or expertise. All you need to do is to stand upright at a distance of a foot from the wall, then press your back against the wall and slide down. Do this until your thighs are almost parallel with the ground. Do this simulated sit for as long as you can muster. If you were able to do it for just 5 seconds, then so be it. If your knees hurt, you can stop.

Engaging in these simple home activities during quarantine can help ensure that you stay fit and healthy. These will only require a bit of your time each day.