Angel Vega Roman, a 28-year-old Florida man, was arrested on Saturday and charged with cruelty to animals after allegedly biting the lips off of a kitten and strangling another feline. 

The Palm Coast man allegedly told an acquaintance that he accidentally choked a cat to death, and that he also bit the lips off one of the kittens and burnt its ear and whiskers with a lighter, according to a Flagler County Sheriff's Office report obtained by the Dayton Beach News-Journal. 

The cat, which Roman allegedly tortured by burning and biting but did not kill, was a black-and-white kitten named Oreo, the News-Journal reported.

The Sheriff's Office report said that Angel Vega Roman allegedly blamed his actions on the fact that he has been depressed ever since losing his girlfriend, and that he was taken into protective custody under the Baker Act, according to WKMG Local 6.

A veterinarian examined Oreo and found that the kitten's injuries were consistent with Roman's official statements, according to the report, which goes on to say that the kitten's owners released Oreo to the city, which will be held responsible for paying more than $300 in medical expenses.

Roman, a 220-pound, 6'6 man who was born in Brooklyn, remains in the Flagler County Inmate Facility on $100,000 bail, according to the jail's website.

The case became national news over the last couple days, after it was posted on the popular news aggregation website, which gets millions of visits per day.