A Fox News scandal may soon erupt that even Bill O'Reilly will not be able to stifle.

The conservative pundit allegedly attempted to treat police in his Long Island community like his private security force, promising to donate a sum of money to the Nassau County police charity in order to get police to investigate a detective whom he suspected was dating his wife, according to a report from the Web site Gawker.

The report claims the source for this story is someone who heard the account directly from Richard Harasym, an internal affairs inspector at the Nassau County Police Department. Harasym, a 23-year veteran of the police department, was reportedly told by his commanding officer, Inspector Neil Delargy, to launch an investigation into a fellow officer during the summer of 2010.

Delargy allegedly ordered Harasym to meet with two private detectives working for O'Reilly who had information about a New York Police Department officer who may have been the other man in Maureen McPhilmy O'Reilly's life. Gawker reports that Harasym was told to tell the officer under investigation to end his relationship with O'Reilly.

He told me, 'You'll never guess what happened to me the other day. Do you know Bill O'Reilly? I got called into my boss' office saying they wanted me to meet with these two PI's working for O'Reilly to go over some information because a detective was having an affair with O'Reilly's wife,' the tipster wrote in an email.

Because the assignment was so far from Harasym's job description as an internal affairs detective - which includes catching crooked cops and investigating corruption charges - he reportedly refused the assignment. However, it is unclear whether the investigation was assigned to another detective.

A Gawker reporter contacted a source at Fox News who confirmed the story, saying O'Reilly's nephew had spoken of his aunt dating a local sheriff.

The Nassau County Police Department did not confirm or deny the accuracy of the reported investigation. Former police commissioner Lawrence Mulvery, who Gawker's source said ordered the initial investigation, told the Web site he, was never contacted by Bill O'Reilly or anyone associated with him and asked to launch an investigation.