Collei in her character demo trailer
Collei in her character demo trailer Hoyoverse


  • Collei excels as an off-field Support and secondary DPS character
  • She scales well off of ATK and EM stats
  • Collei's abilities both deal damage while she is out of the field

Collei, the bright-eyed trainee of the Avidya Forest Rangers, is one of the first Dendro characters players can obtain in "Genshin Impact." She supports her team from a distance by pelting enemies with ranged attacks while priming them for elemental reactions.

Due to her low personal damage output compared to the rest of the cast, Collei is best used as an off-field Support unit whose main job is to constantly apply Dendro to targets. She can be built for maximum damage just like other characters in the game but for the average player, Collei's potential can be unlocked without much investment.

How to Play Collei

Collei's main utility comes from her Elemental Burst, Trump-Card Kitty. This ability makes Collei throw a doll that explodes, dealing AoE Dendro damage while constantly applying the element to all enemies within its range for a short duration.

Her Elemental Skill, Floral Brush, throws a boomerang that can hit enemies twice. Its main purpose is to apply Dendro and deal damage in tandem with elemental reactions from other party members. This makes Collei a good secondary DPS option, assuming players can time their ability rotations correctly.

Genshin - Collei Boomerang
Collei can hit multiple enemies at once with her boomerang Genshin Impact

Collei Support Build

For a support-focused build, players will want to stack as much Elemental Mastery as they can from Collei's weapon and artifacts. The Stringless bow is a good example of a 4-star weapon for Collei since she makes heavy use of her abilities.

For artifacts, a full Deepwood Memories set is great for increasing the Dendro damage taken by enemies. Since Collei constantly applies elemental damage via her Burst and first Ascension passive, she can make great use of these artifacts.

Apart from EM, try to get Collei's ATK stat as high as possible to ensure her late-game scaling.

Collei Best Team Comps

DPS units and EM-focused characters synergize very well with Collei. Yae Miko, Raiden Shogun, Yoimiya and Klee are great options for players who are lucky enough to have pulled them. Four-star alternatives for these characters include Fischl, Lisa, Beidou, Xiangling and Yanfei.

Collei (and Dendro units in general) does not mix well with Cryo characters unless they are supported by Hydro and Pyro units for hybrid Freeze, Bloom and Vaporize compositions.

Genshin - Collei Burst
Collei's Elemental Burst leaves a field of damaging Dendro Genshin Impact