School officials in Cobb County, Georgia, have fired a teacher for allegedly writing a racist note that called black students "devils."

The note was discovered by a student at Awtrey Middle School and shared with parents. The unnamed substitute teacher allegedly described the “black children as devils and white children as angels." The school became aware of it after parents shared it with Atlanta CBS affiliate, WGCL-TV.

Awtrey fired the teacher shortly thereafter.

“A substitute teacher was fired after Awtrey administration was made aware of inappropriate comments about both black and white students,” Awtrey Middle School said in a statementThursday. “The district doesn't tolerate any adult we employ making comments of any kind which are disrespectful in any way.”

News of the firing prompted a response from the parent who tipped off WGCL.

“And please, if you're reading this ... don't say how you're sorry this happened to my son who is a straight A student, comes from a two-parent household and flies planes in his spare time,” the parent wrote on Facebook. “Instead, think about how you can remove your unconscious bias and racist motives before you step out of your home and engage with anyone who doesn't look like you.”

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