Geraldo Rivera is under fire after criticizing Trump over inciting the riot at the Capitol. Although plenty of people have called out Trump for encouraging protestors to head to the Capitol last week, Riviera has been a loyal supporter of the president for the majority of his time in office.

However, on Tuesday night, Rivera began condemning Trump’s behavior and agreeing with members of Congress, like Liz Cheney, who have been calling for Trump’s impeachment.

“A loyal friend, hounded without mercy by Democrats intent on destroying him from Day 1. Then he lost the election. It made him crazy or revealed a dysfunction I had refused to see. He then unleashed a mob to make war on their own government. 5 to their doom. @LizCheney is right,” Rivera wrote.

By Wednesday, he sent out a series of tweets slamming Trump and calling for action to be taken against the outgoing President.

“Regardless of how Senate ultimately votes, it’s entirely appropriate that #DonaldTrump be #Impeached by the House. He knew what mob intended from the jump. #StopTheSteal crowd was raucous & seething. Many were armed-All angry. What the hell did #POTUS think they were going to do?” Rivera tweeted.

He continued, “#DonaldTrump #DonaldTrumpJr #RudyGiuliani were complicit in unleashing snarling, seething, shouting mob that invaded & defaced the Capitol. They must apologize-show contrition for grievous loss of life & pain inflicted. They must reach out to families of dead & beg forgiveness.”

Rivera went on to demand Trump speak out about the chaos he has caused and takes responsibility for his actions.

“#DonaldTrump should be Impeached. He should know history is judging him whether or not he is convicted and removed from office. He should also apologize to the families of those who lost their lives. His actions were inexcusable & undeniable. This time, he did it,” he added.

However, the folks on Twitter weren’t impressed by Rivera’s sudden revelation and slammed the 77-year-old for waiting too long to condemn Trump’s behavior,

“Hey @GeraldoRivera ...maybe instead of 'hounding without mercy' Democrats were simply doing their jobs to hold accountable a president who was guilty of the corruption and treason you ‘refused to see’ and which led to the deadly insurrection... #Trump,” filmmaker Andy Ostroy tweeted.

Another person added, “It’s like you KINDA took responsibility for following a madman, but then you blame us by suggesting we drove him mad... Typical.”

Meanwhile, one person claimed Rivera was just as responsible for the storming of the Capitol because he enabled Trump’s behavior over the last few years.

“Didn’t think one could manage to make themselves look even dumber than when they opened an empty vault..but here we are #Geraldo you are part of the problem when you allow it to happen. YOU are responsible for this. You & the rest of his cheerleaders,” the individual wrote.

On Wednesday, the House began holding the vote to impeach President Trump for “incitement of insurrection.” If they can pass it in the House, it will then be sent to the Senate where the impeachment will either be upheld or rejected.

Geraldo Rivera Geraldo Rivera appears on the "Fox & Friends" All American Concert Series at Fox's studios in New York City on Aug. 24, 2012. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images