After making headlines back in early November with do a barrel roll Google is back at it again with more Easter eggs tricks to wow you.

If you enjoyed seeing your search results doing a complete 360 flip when you typed in do a barrel roll then you will most certainly enjoy these two new holiday Easter eggs from Google.

Google's new Easter egg let it snow is frosting up your computer screen regardless of where you are in the world. To see the virtual snow, you can type in let it snow in your search bar, without the quotation marks, and watch snow fall onto your screen until it is completely covered in white.

Just as you can be a little kid in real snow, Google allows you to do the same by using your cursor to write messages, make a doodle or clean your screen. If you are not up for a snowy screen you can press the defrost button that will appear where the Search button is located and your screen will be clear once again.

If you love seeing holiday lights more than the snow, then perhaps you should try typing Hanukkah into your Google search bar. The search engine giant has made it so that a string of lights will display on the Google search results page in line with Hanukkah, which is most commonly known as the Festival of Lights.

Pretty neat, huh?

Try them.

See what your screen will look like when it is covered in snow below: