Google Holiday Easter Eggs
Google wants us to celebrate the holidays with flare. It introduced a bunch of holiday Easter eggs.

Leave it to Google to celebrate the holidays with flair.

Google's let it snow Easter egg will turn your screen into a winter wonderland. Haven't tried it yet? Go to Google and enter let it snow and be prepared for a white out. At first, there are just a few pretty little flurries. Then, after a few seconds, your entire screen will frost over. Use your cursor to make little doodles in the snow.

Even though let it snow got the most buzz, Google has some other holiday Easter eggs up its sleeve.

Do you want to dress your screen in Christmas or Hanukkah trimmings? Search for Merry Christmas, Christmas Lights or simply Christmas and your screen will be decorated with lovely twinkling lights. If you celebrate Hanukkah, enter the phrase (any variation of the spelling) and your screen will be decorated with the Star of David. Type in Kwanzaa and you will receive a collection of kinaras, a candle holder with seven candles.

Another Easter egg that inspires a bit of holiday fun is Thomas, the Picasa Bear. In honor of the innovative photographer and photoblogger Noah Grey and his work in developing Picasa, Google has an Easter egg that depicts Grey's childhood stuffed bear, Thomas.

For those who use Picasa for photo editing, press Ctrl + Shift + Y together and your screen will fill with adorable brown teddy bears.

YouTube is also getting into the holiday spirit with the addition of a snow button to some of its videos (like Bruce Springsteen's Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town). The snowflake button, which appears at the lower right hand side of the video, will cause a lovely like snow storm on your screen. The flakes will accumulate at the bottom of the screen.

Happy holidays!