Gotham Season 1 Finale
Bruce (David Mazouz) will discover more about his father's past in the "Gotham" Season 1 finale. Fox

“Gotham” is coming to an end this week. The Season 1 finale of the hit Fox series will be quite explosive as mob bosses and Batman’s future enemies face off. As usual, Gordon (Ben McKenzie) will be protecting the city as best as he can, but that might mean teaming up with a bad guy. Meanwhile, Fish (Jada Pinkett Smith) will finally end her feud with Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), but one of them might not survive.

1. Fish Mooney’s Fate – As previously reported, Jada Pinkett Smith said that she wasn’t returning for "Gotham" Season 2. That means her character, Fish Mooney, has to be written off somehow. She will have a confrontation with Penguin in episode 22, and it could end badly for her. Will the villain be killed or will she just disappear for a while? Camren Bicondova (the future Catwoman) teased to Collider that there will be death, but it might not be who viewers expect.

“There are people who die that you don’t expect to die,” she said. “And there are people that join in power that you don’t expect to join in power. It’s just really exciting.”

2. Falcone vs. Maroni – Of course, Fish isn’t the only one looking for power in Gotham. Falcone (John Doman) and Maroni (David Zayas) will face off in this episode too. It seems that Gordon wants to protect Falcone because he believes Maroni will let chaos break loose.

“He's a bad man, but he's the best bad man we got,” Gordon says in a sneak peek. "If Falcone loses control, Maroni is too wild to run Gotham. There'll be anarchy."

3. Bruce’s Father – Bruce (David Mazouz) will discover more of his father’s secrets in the “Gotham” finale. According to the synopsis, he “searches Wayne Manor for any hints that his father might have left behind.” The promo video showed the fireplace in Wayne Manor moving. Was Mr. Wayne hiding what will one day be the Batcave?

4. Cliff-hangers – Every question won’t be answered in the finale. Executive producer Bruno Heller said that when writing the finale, he wanted to tie up everything. However, knowing that “Gotham” Season 2 was confirmed, he thought better of it. “First order of business is to make sure we have tied up all the story and told all the story that we want to tell for that season,” Heller told Entertainment Weekly. “When you’ve got so many characters and storylines running, sometimes you want to leave people hanging.”

The “Gotham” Season 1 finale, titled “All Happy Families Are Alike,” airs Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox. What do you think Bruce will find in his house? Sound off in the comments section below!