Gotham Episode 12 Recap
Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) was taken to Arkham Asylum for treatment after he took the fall for the murder of Theo Galavan on episode 12 of "Gotham" Season 2. Fox

A deep freeze has descended upon Gotham City that promises to chill citizens to their bones. While Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) appeared to take out one major villain with Theo Galavan (James Frain), Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow) has now arrived to “Gotham” Season 2 to create chaos in the city. However, he wasn’t the only new villain in episode 12, titled “Mr. Freeze.

The episode begins with Gordon getting questioned by a group of lawyers, including Harvey Dent (Nicholas D'Agosto), about the events that led up to the murder of Theo. Gordon tells his story of what happened, but lies about how Theo was killed. Gordon says he skipped town to check on his pregnant fiancé, Lee (Morena Baccarin), and was not present for Theo’s murder even though he’s the man that pulled the trigger.

After finding no evidence of wrongdoing, charges against Gordon are dropped, but Capt. Barnes (Michael Chiklis) remains suspicious of Gordon. Since Gordon has been cleared, police continue to search for Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), who they believe is responsible for the crime.

Police are also looking into a case of abductions, and one officer comes across a man with a van. The man, Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze, is acting suspicious and the officer asks to look inside his van, where she sees a body. He pushes the officer back, grabs his freeze gun and turns the officer into ice before getting away.

Gordon returns to work and starts to look into the case with Bullock (Donal Logue). Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) informs them that the person who froze the officer to death used liquid helium. Nygma says he’ll look into places in Gotham that might have it. Barnes then shows back up at headquarters after arresting Penguin and believes now they’ll learn the truth about what happened to Theo.

Barnes takes Penguin into questioning, where Penguin happily admits to murdering Theo. He tells Barnes he’s not a criminal; he’s just insane. Gordon waits for Barnes in his office and he tells Gordon that Penguin backed his story. However, Barnes still has uneasy feelings about Gordon.

Mr. Freeze returns home to his sick wife Nora (Kristen Hager). He’s turning people to ice as part of an experiment to find a way to freeze people and bring them back to life. He wants to freeze his wife until he finds a cure to her illness, but he can’t do this until he finds a sure way to unfreeze her back to life.

Bullock reveals to Gordon that the only place in Gotham with liquid helium is Wayne Enterprises. He also says that three people have been abducted, and none have been found. Little do they know, Mr. Freeze has them in freezers in his basement. Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) later lets both of them know that Wayne Enterprises once had a cryogenics program that used the liquid helium, but Thomas Wayne had shut it down.

Hugo Strange
Dr. Hugo Strange (BD Wong) has some evil plans up his sleeve to "rehabilitate" Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor, not pictured) on episode 12 of "Gotham" Season 2. Fox

Penguin gets taken to Arkham Asylum after claiming he’s insane. When he arrives at the asylum, he tries to make it known to the other inmates that he’s not someone to be messed with. He declares that he’s the king of Gotham, which causes all the crazies to proclaim themselves as kings.

Mr. Freeze conducts an experiment on one of the bodies and tries to heat it back to life. It appears it works at first, but then the body quickly melts away. Nora’s disease is slowly getting worse, and she runs out of an important medicine she needs for coughing attacks. Mr. Freeze goes to the pharmacy to refill it, but the pharmacist (Danny Hoch) refuses to refill the bottle because the prescription doesn’t allow a refill. Mr. Freeze leaves and returns with his freeze gun and turns the pharmacist into a block of ice. Bullock and Gordon get a phone call that Mr. Freeze just hit a pharmacy and they try to cut off the villain before he leaves. But instead they end up crashing into a frozen body left behind by Freeze.

Meanwhile, Penguin gets introduced to Dr. Hugo Strange (BD Wong), the Arkham’s psychiatrist. Strange meets with each patient in the hospital and he wants to get Penguin rehabilitated but clearly has some ill intentions.

Nora discovers the frozen bodies in the basement and is shocked at what her husband has been up to. Bullock and Gordon find her prescription bottle at the pharmacy and they go to the address where they find her in the basement. Nora won’t give Bullock and Gordon any information about where her husband is because he was doing the bad things for her. When Freeze goes to turn himself in, he’s not taken seriously because people have been going into headquarters claiming to be the man freezing people.

Nygma is examining the frozen body of the pharmacist taken from Freeze's home. He steps out and comes back to find the body gone. The pharmacist came back to life and starts walking around headquarters. Freeze sees his experiment worked and he leaves telling himself he’ll be back for his wife.

Other Major Moments From Episode 12:

  • After Penguin went into hiding, Butch (Drew Powell) has now taken over as ruler of the Gotham crime underworld. Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas) shows up at his place looking to form a partnership with Butch now that Theo is gone. She tries to seduce her way into a seat of power, which appears to work.
  • The episode comes to an end with Strange taking an elevator to the Indian Hill facility and revealing his plans to “radically” treat Penguin. Inside the facility, he learns that Freeze has solved “post cryonic reanimation” and it looks like he’ll be searching for the villain to further the program at Indian Hill.