Gundam Evolution Nu Gundam
Nu Gundam was introduced in the second season of Gundam Evolution Bandai Namco


  • The RX-93 Nu Gundam was added to the game
  • A new Destruction map was introduced in the update
  • Ranked matchmaking should now be friendlier toward solo players

The second season of "Gundam Evolution" has kicked off, offering even more content to the fans of the team-based multiplayer FPS game.

Apart from a new battle pass track and a few balance passes to existing mobile suits, the game received some interesting additions that drastically affect how matches play out. Here's what's new.

Mobile Suit - Nu Gundam

The RX-93, otherwise known as the Nu Gundam, is a mid-ranged unit that boasts superior firepower for pilots who can master aiming with its precision Beam Rifle, which has a unique marking mechanic.

This suit is equipped with Fin Funnels, autonomous weapons platforms that seek out and deal damage to designated targets. Enemies marked by the RX-93's primary weapon will be attacked by more Fin Funnels when the ability is cast.

Nu Gundam's G-Maneuver deploys a one-way barrier that's great for pushing chokepoints while simultaneously pressuring the enemy team into unfavorable engagements.

Map - Colony Trading Post

Colony Trading Post is a new map set in a terrestrial urban environment with tall buildings, wide streets and plenty of cover. It also has a factory section with interactable shutters and moving conveyor belts that create dynamic sightlines, forcing players to adapt on the fly.

The map is only available for the Destruction mode.

Gundam Evolution Trading Post map
Gundam Evolution's second season added Colony Trading Post to its list of maps Bandai Namco

Custom Room Features

Players now have more options for setting up their custom lobbies. These include:

  • Spectator and coach slots
  • In-game pause/time-out
  • Room ID display toggle

Ranked Matchmaking and Rating

The "Gundam Evolution" team took note of several issues players have been having with the game's ranked system. In Season 2, solo players in competitive queues should be matched against stacked parties less frequently. The developers also said they revised certain party restrictions for matchmaking, though they did not specify the changes they made.

Ranked ratings are currently being looked at, but no solid improvements have been implemented yet. The team will be adjusting the rating point earn and loss rates at the higher end of the competitive spectrum, and they will look into equalizing matchmaking so teams will get matched with others of similar skill levels more consistently.

Gundam Evolution Nu Gundam weapons
Nu Gundam uses a beam rifle and its unique Fin Funnels to poke enemies from afar before swooping in for the kill Bandai Namco