Valheim Seeker
Seekers populate much of the Mistlands in Valheim Iron Gate


  • Seekers deal high damage and can break through blocks easily
  • They are weak to elemental damage and resistant to physical damage
  • Seekers can be staggered by parrying their attacks

The majority of the Mistlands in "Valheim" is populated by Seekers, a hostile species of enormous bugs that will attack anything on sight.

These enemies are extremely dangerous, even for players who have all of the best gear from the Plains biome. It takes a little bit of know-how to take Seekers down without risking death with every encounter. Seekers are incredibly tanky and deal tons of damage to boot. They can break through blocks and leave players vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Anyone entering the Mistlands may find the biome a bit too punishing at the start because of Seekers. Luckily, there are a few tricks to deal with them more easily.

Seeker Weaknesses

There are multiple types of Seekers in the Mistlands. There are standard ones, flyers, soldiers and tiny grubs that are most often found inside Infested Mines. The larger variants are the most problematic.

Valheim Krom recipe
The materials needed to craft Valheim's two-handed sword Valheim

When fighting Seekers, it's important to be patient. Their telegraphed attacks are much easier to read compared to most other enemies in "Valheim," and they appear to be very vulnerable to Stagger effects when parried.

Blocking Seeker attacks at the perfect time will open them up to critical hits, which makes patience even more important when fighting them. Not only will parrying negate much of their damage, but players will be able to take them down even quicker than if they resorted to spamming attacks recklessly.

Recommended Gear

Seekers are resistant to physical attacks, so players will want to use weapons that can deal with some form of elemental damage. Frostner is one of the best pre-Mistlands weapons players can use against these bugs, though its short range may be a problem when fighting big groups.

After crafting a Black Forge, the Himmin Afl atgeirs may be the best melee weapon against Seekers because of its long-range and special attack that hits over a wide arc. It also deals lightning damage on every hit.

Alternatively, players can just use magic, which is unlocked by crafting the Galdr Table. The fire staff is great against groups, while the ice staff is better when fighting single targets.

Valheim Mistlands Magic
Magical staves and spells were added in Valheim together with the Mistlands update Iron Gate AB