Gundam Evolution - DOM Trooper
DOM Troopers featured in Gundam Evolution Gundam Evolution


  • DOM Trooper excels at dealing splash damage and buffing teammates' HP
  • The suit is capable of laying mines and knocking opponents off of objectives
  • DOM Trooper is vulnerable to its own splash damage

The DOM Trooper model of the mobile suit makes its appearance in "Gundam Evolution" as an offensive support type unit that pins enemies down with area damage while reinforcing its team with extra armor.

This mobile suit isn't like the typical rocket launcher character found in most other hero shooters. Its offensive capabilities are great, but the most effective DOM Troopers should know how to capitalize on every advantage its unique kit offers. Here are a few pointers on how to do exactly that.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The brunt of DOM Trooper's value comes from its Armor Gun, which grants bonus temporary HP to any allied target. This is best used to buff the HP of a low-health flanker like Zaku, Exia or even Barbatos since the boost in health can give them a better window of opportunity to destroy the enemy from behind.

Its second most notable strength comes from its rocket launcher. This is great for contesting chokepoints since it can push enemies off hard-to-reach corners. This area control trait is also shared by its ultimate ability, Screaming Nimbus.

Gundam Evolution - Screaming Nimbus
Screaming Nimbus is most effective in indoor areas and tight corridors Gundam Evolution

DOM Trooper can also ward off flankers by placing proximity mines. They don't deal as much damage, but they still get the job done.

One of the main weaknesses of this mobile suit is, ironically, its rocket launcher. DOM Trooper is prone to taking its own splash damage, which makes fighting against melee suits troublesome. Its projectiles are also slow, and its blast radius is not that large.

Tips and Tricks

Armor Gun can be used as a pseudo-heal that can give retreating teammates enough HP to survive or turn a fight around. Always find an opportunity to use it.

Always aim for an opponent's feet. Landing direct hits with the rocket launcher is possible, but in cases like this, dealing damage consistently is better than scoring stronger hits.

The laser beam from DOM Trooper's alternate fire is best used to secure kills on disabled mobile suits.

Place mines near corners or on top of health packs to potentially get easy kills on unaware enemies.

Lastly, DOM Trooper's G-Maneuver is amazing in tight corridors or contested objective areas. Use it to quickly smash enemies against a wall or push off tanks from key locations.

Guild Wars 2 - DOM Laser
DOM Trooper's laser beam is especially useful for securing kills on disabled suits Gundam Evolution