Gundam Evolution - Exia
The Gundam Exia mobile suit specializes in harassment and assassination Gundam Evolution


  • Exia excels at flanking and harassing enemies from afar
  • Exia fights best in close quarters where its projectiles can hit almost immediately
  • TRANS-AM also resets all of Exia's active cooldowns

Exia is one of the mobile suits in "Gundam Evolution" that excels at taking the enemy by surprise by going down long flanking routes. This unit thrives in the backline, harassing enemy targets from afar before jumping at them with its massive blade.

Unlike Barbatos, Exia is much more agile, and it has a powerful ranged attack to boot. Pilots with a penchant for assassination may want to pick this mobile suit over the mace-wielding brawler, although Exia's high skill requirement may keep most players from ever taking on its responsibilities.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Exia is the quintessential assassin unit that combines high mobility with strong burst damage that can take down most enemies in a single combo. All of its attacks, apart from its main weapon, cause the suit to lurch forward and deal damage, making it incredibly hard to hit.

Rush and Slash and Rotating Slash are Exia's bread-and-butter abilities. Rush toward the enemies and follow up with a spin attack to deal respectable damage and knock the enemy's focus away from the team. A fully-charged rush stuns any enemies hit, and if they are hit by Rotating Slash while disabled, they are stunned again.

Gundam Evolution - Exia ult
TRANS-AM greatly increases the potency of all of Exia's abilities Gundam Evolution

Exia also has Quick Step, which lets the suit perform an extra dash in any direction on top of its three-bar thruster gauge.

All of Exia's abilities become supercharged when its G-Maneuver, TRANS-AM, is active. This ultimate basically lets the pilot do everything Exia already does but with higher damage numbers and lower cooldowns.

The downsides of this mobile suit include its low max health pool of 800 HP and the sheer difficulty of landing its combos. Expect to sink plenty of time into this suit before getting good at using it.

Tips and Tricks

Exia's primary fire has infinite range. It does not suffer from damage drop-off, and despite its appearance, the projectiles are actually so fast that they might as well be hitscan in close quarters. Only lead shots when enemies are within mid-long range.

TRANS-AM will immediately recharge all of Exia's abilities, which makes it safe to use even mid-fight. However, activating it before engaging is never a bad idea.

Quick Step and Rush and Slash can be used to navigate terrain and gain advantageous positions. Use them to reach high ground or to soar across the map and into the enemy backline.

Gundam Evolution - Exia sabers
Exia lashes out with twin beam sabers when TRANS-AM is active Gundam Evolution